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1/18 AUTOart Honda NSX Type R - Championship White
  • 1/18 AUTOart Honda NSX Type R - Championship White

    This is one of the rarest and most comprehensive car models we have in our collection. 


    In 1992 Honda decided to release a no compromise edition of the NSX called the NSX Type R.  The Type R focused around weight reduction.  Some of the non-essential items such as sounding deadening materials, audio system, spare tire, and various electric bits were all deleted in favour of true performance.  New additions included Recaro designed carbon fibre sport seats, light weight forged aluminum wheels manufactured by Enkei.  All this equated to a weight saving 256 lb, and brought the total gross weight down to 2712 lb.  Other performance improvements included motor enhancements and balancing, upgraded suspension components, and transmission gearing ratio changes.  All these improvements translated into a car that could exceed or keep up to rivals in Europe sporting the Italian or German badge.

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