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1/18 GT Spirit - KOENIG Specials Countach Turbo (Black)
  • 1/18 GT Spirit - KOENIG Specials Countach Turbo (Black)

    Walter Koenig was definitely used to transforming Ferrari’s Boxer into a real road-ready race car. After he did a few conversions on these Ferrari’s and on some Porsche Turbo’s, he tried something a little different and less extremely restyled, the Lamborghini Countach.

    The car had new side skirts and multi-piece BBS wheels painted gold. The interior was reupholstered and new Recaro seats were fitted.

    Power was upgraded by installing a single turbocharger that rasied overall output to 500 bhp. But Koenig was able to install a twin turbo V-12, but nobody actually bought this one.

    The sole Koenig-Specials remained in Germany until 1996 and was subsequently sold to an owner in the Dutch Lamborghini Club

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