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1/18 Ignition Model - Pandem 240Z (S30) - Orange
  • 1/18 Ignition Model - Pandem 240Z (S30) - Orange

    The Datsun 240z was considered upon its release to be a car that was ahead of its time. The 240z served as both a test bed for some new technology, as well as a very capable sports car that was more available to “the regular guy”, due to an affordable price point. This had both a positive and negative effect on the future of the 240z. The good part about it is that many 240-260-280z’s were sold over the years, making for a healthy aftermarket for years to come. The bad part about it is that people who at one time never would’ve dreamed of owning a sports car, were now in the most nimble and powerful car they had ever experienced. This means that a vast number of the 240z’s that were produced and sold were subsequently destroyed in accidents. Of those left that weren’t destroyed in a ball of fire, any of these old Datsuns not stored in a dry, room temperature location have suffered over the years.

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