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1/18 OTTO mobile - Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Omori Factory
  • 1/18 OTTO mobile - Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Omori Factory

    Limited: 2000 Pieces


    This is probably best described as a notch down from the Clubman Race Spec R34, yet it’s still a completely rebuilt car that will require a six figure investment to pay for it all. With the goal more centered around creating the best street GT-R out there – at least as Nismo sees it – the Grand Touring Car package addresses every area of the car. Let’s start off with the exterior.


    As with all Nismo demo cars, this special R33 also gets the Brembo brake package from the R35 GT-R, so massive 6-pot calipers up front and 4-pots at the rear biting down on cross-drilled, floating rotors. The kit includes the mounting brackets for each caliper as well as a solution for the integrated drum e-brake at the back.


    While the Grand Touring Car is no 400R, it still gets a few select pieces of carbon here and there to spice up the 20-year-old exterior. These are new Nismo carbon B-pillar garnishes, which have a real layer of carbon inside rather than the previous carbon-look items.


    The rear wing element is in dry carbon, which also means that it’s a prohibitively expensive piece, but also a must-have item for this genuine Nismo machine. Seeing as this car got a full strip down prior to the build, I was a bit surprised that the automatic antenna was left in place. If I was an R33 owner and was doing such a big restoration on the car, this would be the first thing I’d consider shaving off. But again, it’s all about authenticity, so I guess it had to stay.


    The final piece of carbon sits at the very back, protecting the bumper from the heat of the NE-1 titanium exhaust system’s tip.

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