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1/18 OTTOmobile Honda S2000 Type S (CR) - Blue
  • 1/18 OTTOmobile Honda S2000 Type S (CR) - Blue

    The Japanese domestic market received the Type S edition for the last two years of production (2008–2009). Changes are similar to the U.S. market's CR edition, sharing the weight loss, a purpose built bodykit providing much higher downforce, bespoke wheels and interior. Although it shares the wheels with the CR edition, the Type S retains the rear tyre size of 245/40R-17 for better handling. A specific Type S suspension setup with improved geometry was designed to enhance the handling, the setup is stiffer but more compromising than the CR setup to suit it better to everyday spirited driving and the Japanese touge experience.[17] The Type S retains its soft top folding mechanism.

    The interior is a Type S specific yellow and black alcantara material scheme (similar to the CR). Leather interior from the standard S2000 was available as a no cost option. The aluminum shift knob with reduced shift stroke is shared with the CR. While the CR is designed to be a pure track car, the Type S is designed for improved handling and retains some creature comforts. Only 1,755 copies of the Type S were made and sold exclusively in Japan

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