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AUTOart 1/18 Wangan Midnight - Nissan R32 GT-R -"Reina"
  • AUTOart 1/18 Wangan Midnight - Nissan R32 GT-R -"Reina"

    Following "Devil's Z" and "Black Bird" in this product, faithfully reproduced "R32 GT-R", "Zena's GT-R" of the beloved car of the heroine "Akikawa Naga". South America.


    This R32 has been reflected after the Wangan Midnight R32: Nismo white meter, Full Bucket Seat, Nismo Front Bumper, BBS Nismo LM Wheels and Aero Sidemirrors. 


    Even though this car is a 4WD, it has FR-like characteristics. Its design is the oldest of all modern GT-R cars, but because it is also the lightest at around 1.490kg, and its acceleration from low-speed areas and speed at the corners are great. You must be careful in ultra high-speed areas because it has a short wheelbase.


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