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1/18 GT SPIRIT - Liberty Walk LB Works Miura - ADVAN
  • 1/18 GT SPIRIT - Liberty Walk LB Works Miura - ADVAN

    Kato-san loves classic cars, and a Lamborghini Miura is about as classic of a supercar as they come, but problem is, prices have been going up for years, and a decent, original Miura can set you back a cool million US these days ... which was a bit steep for Kato-san ... so he bought a GT Developments replica of the legendary Ford GT40, a car that did, in fact, inspire Marcello Gandini when he designed the Lamborghini Miura back in the Sixties.


    The entire body of the GT40 has been replaced with new parts resembling the Lamborghini Miura, starting with the cockpit ... roof, side sills, and doors (complete with sliding side windows) are now almost identical with those found on the Miura Jota, note there are no fins in the intakes behind the side windows.


    The front and rear sections are also Miura inspired, they tilt up as an entire unit ... funny thing is, to open the rear hood you have to remove the exhaust tips, because they protrude through the lower part of the rear diffuser, they would touch the bodywork if left in place ... the front hood features a deep chin spoiler and large vents ... again inspired by the legendary Miura Jota.

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