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GT Spirit 1/18 RAUH-Welt Begriff 993 ROTANA - Purple
  • GT Spirit 1/18 RAUH-Welt Begriff 993 ROTANA - Purple

    Nakai came up with the idea to name his most powerful and focused race car to date Rotana when he was in the UAE a few months ago building a car for one of his Middle Eastern customers. He saw a wild matte purple Lamborghini blast past him as he was walking by some buildings owned by the Rotana group, and the idea to create this car popped into his mind.

    The theme was a simple one: attempt to create his most focused and rawest personal race car, an evolutionary step up from the Stella Artois he continues to hold on to. This car merges a lot more functional touches like the bonded and riveted carbon roof with Nakai’s unmistakable slammed look that the whole world has become used to seeing. Looks are important of course, but the Rotana puts performance above it all riding on RWB-Special Quantum adjustable race dampers. As you can see Nakai isn’t too shy with the negative camber!


    It all comes together to create that what is the most extreme expression of the RWB style to date, a look that is partly achieved thanks to the adoption of a newly designed wing, attached onto the 993 Turbo’s stock stays.


    And for those of you out there that have always though RWB cars weren’t packing enough horsepower to match their looks well maybe the Rotana can change that perception of the brand. Nakai called in Porsche engine specialist Front Row to build him a worthy motor, a set-up that would be well suited to tracks like Tsukuba and Motegi, boast lots of power but without sacrificing the mid-range response he has always been used to in his naturally aspirated cars.

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