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RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche 911 (993) - PINK PIG
  • RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche 911 (993) - PINK PIG

    An amazing RWB 993: Pink Pig. This is the First RWB built for RWB China and it's been called the "SOPRANO." The owner then had this livery applied and its since become one of the most iconic RWB builds. GT SPIRIT got the rights to build an extremely limited number of these models, exactly 504 in the world.


    These aerodynamic armours are the work of Nakai San and the man always bring something fresh under the spotlights. We were starting to wonder when he’d hit again and now the man is working on a new Neunelfer that will take the flat-six world by storm. The vehicle is due to hit the streets in September, so it’s till a work-in-progress project. We can show you an image gallery that reveals the 911 in its current state.

    We are talking about a 911 from the 964 generation, which seems to have received the RWB fat body panels as extensions of its factory styling cues.

    The pink hue used here, as well as a part of the design influences, are a nod to the infamous Porsche 917K/20 Pink Pig.

    The iconic Porsche racecar’s porcine look was owed to Porsche commissioning SERA, a French aerospace engineering firm, to rearrange the aerodynamics of their 917K racer. Once the machine was ready, Porsche appreciated its efficiency, but didn’t fail to notice its resemblance to a pig. Thus, the entire body of the car was marked using the German names for the traditional cuts - it's a Porsche thing, you have to understand.

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